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VISITORS is Tin Stanton's current project which began in 2021 with his first painting of the series displayed as a finalist in D31 Art Gallery in Doncaster. From then he has worked non-stop to create an entire, and somewhat dystopian future, in which his beautiful landscape paintings belong.

The initial concept of the large unmovable 'Visitors' was regarding man's constant need to construct and obliterate what's left of our landscape, as well as our attitudes toward something other than humankind 'invading' what we see as our space. 

The individual works from this project have caught peoples' imaginations from the outset, and works have been displayed in several cities, with one piece (The Towers II) being displayed in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London 2022.

Tin Stanton's observations of the attitudes and discussions brought about by seeing his paintings made him realise the depth of the discussion they provoked, and the world that would need to be created to leave no questions unanswered.

A self-confessed creative geek, his aptitude for technology and love of dark and dystopian fiction allow him the skills, knowledge and desire to create his own work exploring the near future in the form of a physical book (books will be making a comeback once power becomes a luxury).

Written from a first person perspective of a Surface Sample Collector and part time artist from New London (formerly London Underground and shelter systems) who is one of the few people able to visit the surface (and daylight) for themselves, the book has been heavily researched, and uses a great deal of social, historical and scientific facts; from researching how people lived underground during WWII and the current repurposing of those shelters to grow food, the properties and affects of light and even the hope of inventing a 'Radiation Rain Filter' that works effectively.

The book begins in 2083 (last year) and is running in real time, with the facts added as the narrator finds and records them. The first sample version of the book 'Year One Edition 2083/2084" was completed as an example of how a final book may look, after a great deal more editing, painting, photography and predominantly research.

This sample book, of around 20,000 words, over 100 pages and 200 images was completed as a final project for Tin Stanton's BA (Hons) in Drawing & Print at University of West of England, along with the artworks that went into it.  


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