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Q. I've painted before a few times but I'm no expert. Is the Beginners course good for me?

A. This course is perfect for you. It will enable you to learn skills in a variety of materials and in a wide number of ways, and help you to understand the way we look at art, and how it can work for you. In addition, you will gain an insight into the industry and education side of art, it's history and heritage.

Q. I've been painting for years. Can I skip the basics?

A. We teach at all skill levels, and in a way which encourages development of skills and confidence for everyone. We don't run step-by-step workshops, but instead look at different approaches to art creation.

Q. How old do I need to be to do the course?

A. We cannot accept anyone under 18 onto the course, but anyone over 18 can join.

Q. What happens when I buy a course?

A. Initially you will receive a welcome email, with a follow up reminder nearer the date with arrival details. On starting the course you will receive your tote bag, A3 sketchpad and artful weasels Workshop Guide.

Q. Do you tailor your courses to everyone?

A. Each week has a specific theme or medium, but everyone is encouraged to work in their own way. We will help out those who need it, and actively encourage those who don't. In addition we hold group critique sessions which help you identify your art strengths and open up new ideas.

Q. What do I need to bring to the workshops?

A. We supply all the materials you need for the course so you don't have to bring anything. We recommend wearing clothes you don't mind getting dirty, and maybe some refreshments if you need them (Strictly no alcohol). 

Q. Can I bring my own materials?

A. Of course. We all have our own favourite pencils after all. We encourage you to bring your own specialist materials too, including iPads or tablets for digital working. No oil based materials can be used however.

Q. Can I get a refund during the course?

A. Although we cannot normally refund courses, we can reschedule your sessions if personal issues arise.

Q. I'm only interested in brushing up on my digital art. Can I just do that bit?

A. Of course. The course is tailored to utilise many mediums, but they can be replicated digitally if you prefer. 


Q. I can't draw, but I wish I could. Which course should I choose?

A. Unless you specifically just want to learn to draw, we recommend the Beginners Art Course first, as drawing is not the only way to approach art. Our art courses are about encouraging creativity in many different ways.

Q. I want to display my work in a public gallery. Can your courses help me do that?

A. Yes. We have extensive knowledge on gallery exhibiting, and show you how to approach them.

Q. You don't mention oil painting anywhere. Why is that?

A. We do not use oil painting or any oil based medium, for ecological and environmental reasons, but we discuss them in depth, show you how to paint with them, and offer alternatives (acrylics/gouache and water based oils).

Q. Do you teach art history in your courses?

A. We can't cover all of art history in the time we have, but we touch on some of the artworks and artists that still have an influence today.

Q. You mention university. Can you help me get in?

A. We can show you what you will need to apply to universities, what the courses will expect from you, and a broad range of skills that will help greatly.

Q. I still have questions. Can I get in touch?

A. Of Course. Please do...


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